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Peter Riddell
Peter RiddellDirector of Ecogent Ltd, Envirolyte NZ Ltd and Biolytix Ltd
Peter Riddell is a consulting engineer with over 40 years experience in water and wastewater projects. He was managing Director of Woodward-Clyde in NZ and responsible for operations in SE Asia. He is a Director of Ecogent Ltd, environmental engineers, Envirolyte NZ Ltd and Biolytix Ltd, companies which all have a focus on cost effective environmental solutions.

He recently used Howick for the supply and construction of a steel framed operations building housing blowers and generators for the upgrade of the Clark Air Base wastewater system in the Philippines, a project completed on time and budget in difficult conditions.

He will talk about the Biolytix package wastewater treatment systems which are constructed in Auckland and shipped around NZ and to Australia and the Pacific Islands for individual houses, construction camps and resorts, The big attraction is the light weight and low volume allowing easy access and freight to isolated sites and the very low power and maintenance requirements due to the award winning use of worms as key components of the treatment process.