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Juho Suomalainen
Juho SuomalainenManaging Director of Vertex
Juho will speak about Vertex Building Design: a comprehensive BIM solution for residential and light commercial steel framed houses integrated with Vertex DesignStream, Product Data Management application for builders. He will also tell how Vertex solution can be easily connected to other information systems like ERP according to customer’s business processes, how it can be customised so it works the way you build. New Vertex Truss Design module will be introduced and also general visions of the building design software’s future will be heard.

Juho Suomalainen is Managing Director of Vertex CAD/PDM Systems Pty Ltd, based in QLD Australia. He has held that position since the company was founded in 2008. Vertex CAD/PDM Systems is a subsidiary of internationally operating Vertex Systems which was founded in Finland in 1977. Juho has been working with several building companies and the Finnish government in various duties including research work in the Tampere University of Technology. He joined Vertex Systems in 1998 holding positions in project engineering, sales and product management. For the last 4 years he worked as their Channel Manager regarding Building Design application’s global sales and distribution network in Europe, Russia, US, Asia and Middle East. Juho got his Bachelor of Civil Engineering Degree in 1992 and completed his Master of Civil Engineering thesis in 1998.