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Alexander Gusev
Alexander GusevChairman of PENOSTEK
Alexander is Chairman of PENOSTEK – construction materials manufacturer, specializing in waste glass recycling and foam glass production in Europe and Russia as well as production of technological equipment for glass recycling and manufacturing of foam glass. Penostek continuously develop and implement green and energy efficient technologies in housing construction, and have successfully accomplished a number of construction projects where Penostek Foam Glass was applied together with HOWICK Steel Frame Technology.

Alexander graduated from Moscow Technological University with Master’s Degree in Production and Automation Engineering and since then has worked in a number of different industries.

Alexander was Chairman of Avisma Titanium and Magnesium Works (Titanium and Magnesium manufacturing) and CEO of Engineering Holding Company specializing in production and maintenance of pumps and electric motors used in oil industry.
Alexander Gusev will speak about PENOSTEK Granulated Foam Glass and HOWICK Steel Frame Technology in Green and Energy Efficient Construction Projects.